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House Cleaning Services

All Surface House Cleaning Systematically Performed in All Areas of The Home:

Distinctive House Cleaning Services Performed in a House Cleaning Visit.

Clean Sink
Clean Appliance Exteriors
Clean Range Top
Damp Wipe Cabinet Doors
Clean Counters
Wash Floor
Load Dishwasher

Clean Counters, Sinks; Change Towels
Clean, Disinfect Toilets, Tubs, Showers
Wash, Disinfect Floors

All Rooms:
Pick up and Straighten
Dust Sills, Ledges, Wall Hangings
Remove Cobwebs
Dust/ Vacuum Furniture
Vacuum Floors, Carpets
Vacuum Stairs
Vacuum Under Beds
Change Linens, Make Beds
Empty Trash

Clean Entry Window & One Set of Patio Door Windows
Clean Window Over Kitchen Sink

House cleaning rates vary depending on the size of your home and if your residential cleaning needs require just a quick visit before company or if there is a deep house cleaning required. Housekeeping services run the gamut of house cleaning with eco friendly cleaning products being utilized in spring house cleaning, and window cleaning service for one story homes and apartments.

Leave the domestic house cleaning to a home cleaning company with experience in house, home, apartment, and office cleaning with natural cleaners for its cleaning supplies are an important part of getting the job done right. Many different house cleaning products have been tried by American Home Cleaning service and the best cleaning supplies are the environmentally friendly cleaning products. We provide numerous house cleaning tips in our resources section including rug cleaning. Let us know if we can help you today or in the near future. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you or helping you with the resources provided.

There's a lot of people who think a specialist house cleaning service to more of a luxury than something worth funding for. Of course, it will cost you to have someone go into your domicile and carry out your cleaning for you personally, many times that the benefits far outweigh the associated fee whenever you use a home cleaning service to do your home cleaning for you. For anyone who is sick of a dirty home making you feel responsible always, then a reliable home cleaning service is probably presently the thing to help you.

Payoff of your Certified House Cleaning Service

Though many people are not likely sure they want to pay out their hard earned money to have another person cleanse their dwelling for them, there are actually a lot of advantages one can enjoy having a house cleaning service go do all assignments for you. Here is a look at some of the payoffs you will enjoy when you intend to appoint a house cleaning service.

- Advantage 1 - Increase Health with a Fresh House - Initially, one remarkable advantage of getting an established help come clean your house is that it will be able to increase your healthiness. Keeping a clean house has a whole lot to do with your health. As you can't keep up with all the customary house cleaning, it becomes a perfect space for microorganisms to breed, which often cause every one in a family getting ill more frequently.

- Advantage 2 - Make Your Residence a Good Likeness of You - Remember that your private home is a reflection of you. You may well not have any time to clean it well, but take into consideration what other people will contemplate after they drop by your home to visit. If you have a reliable maid service take care on your house cleaning, you'll be able to be self-assured that regardless when somebody shows up, your private home will reflect in a good way on you.

- Advantage 3 - Look after the Investment in Your Residence - Your home is a large investment decision. If you don't maintain your private house by cleansing it, the value in the domicile might go down. If you employ someone to perform your house cleaning, it will help maintain the value of the home strong, which is definitely definitely worth the funds it costs.

- Advantage 4 - Have the benefit of Developing Extra Time for Different Things - An alternative great advantage of hiring an established home cleaning service to wash your property is that it will let you have more time for other necessities. No doubt you're a diligent person. Is it the best way to utilize your valuable time just cleaning your house? Your energy is valuable, and you can absolutely think it useful to save lots of time and allow another person to make sure on the house cleaning for you. In fact, given that they are surely specialists, they're probably in a position to do the best job at any rate.

Times When a House Cleaning Service Will Help out

There are a selection of ways that an experienced house cleaning service can assist you. Sure you can have a maid service come in on a regular basis that can assist you clean your own house, but this isn't the one time that they can be of service to you. Over again when an experienced service generally is a huge help if when you move right into a new dwelling. If others lived in the home before you, there is a decent chance it needs an outstanding house cleaning. This will take a very long time and be challenging labor. It is a perfect time to rent an effective service to perform the duty for you. In addition, when you move out of your home, you'll want to ensure you depart the house looking great for the new inhabitant. As a substitute of spending so much precious time cleaning up a property that isn't yours, just hire a home cleaning service to ensure the duty gets done well without you getting to spend the time doing it yourself.

It's easy to see that there are so many advantages to picking an established home cleaning service. Sure, it will now cost, but it may be a fantastic economic expenditure as it saves you time, makes sure your private home is good for your health, and ensures that the house is an efficient likeness of you.


House Cleaning Reviews

Ajeet S.testimonial:5 star reputation
Very pleased with the cleaning job.
Look forward to talking to you again :)

Karin B.testimonial:5 gold star reputation
We have been bi-weekly American
Home clients for the past 13 years and couldn’t be happier with their services! They are extremely thorough, proactive, ultra-dependable, and reassuringly careful with the items in our home. For example, they take great care to use the correct cleaners on our granite, marble, and custom glass surfaces.

They are also very flexible with requests, and easy to reach. Perhaps one of the attributes that we care most about when giving someone a key to your home, however, is that they can be implicitly trusted. As a family-operated business, it is apparent that everyone at American Home takes pride in their work and does so with integrity and cheerful disposition. We love coming home to a sparkling clean home, and I would not entrust anyone else to do a better job.

Laurel H. testimonial: 5 star testimonial
I have had the great pleasure of having Lauren Rule & her daughter as my house cleaners for over 6 years now at the NorthPark Apartments in San Jose, CA. She is by far the most thorough house cleaner I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Not only do I feel confident and safe leaving my home in her care, but the joy of coming home to a spotless, miraculously clean house is the greatest feeling ever! After a long and hard day at the office, I couldn't ask for anything more.

I do not trust many people with my little kitties while I am away, but Lauren and her daughter not only clean my home from top to bottom, but also take time out of their day to pay special attention to my babies. This is what sold me among many other amazing qualities from the beginning.

Her pricing is beyond reasonable and for the work she does, I am surprised it is not more $$! However, she is so reasonable and always has been. She pays special attention to the spots that need it the most and has never disappointed me to date. That said, I highly recommend Lauren to anyone that asks as I know they are in excellent hands!! If you have any questions as to her excellence, please do not hesitate to ask.